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Medication Management

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

In addition to a full range of nursing services, Boca Nursing Services also focuses on preventative care through its Medication Management Program.

Clients should not wait until an illness to engage the services of Boca Nursing Services, since many seniors are dealing with numerous prescriptions that require close monitoring. Our experience for over 20 years has shown that there is an association between a person’s medication-related risk factors and poor health outcome or less than desirable quality of living. Medication risk factors include:
  • Multiple physicians prescribing medications
  • Poor adherence to prescribed medication regime
  • Inability to keep up with medication changes
The Medication Management Program includes weekly, biweekly or monthly skilled-nursing visits designed to help Clients take medications properly and complication-free. Clients can avoid numerous complications and hospitalization when their medications are monitored on a regular basis through nursing visits in the home.

Boca Nursing Services’ Medication Management Program can decrease poor compliance or medication errors, decrease disorientation, risks of falls or other risk events, and improve a Client’s quality of life through stabilization of disease and symptom management. This program consists of close monitoring not only of the Client’s overall condition, but also medication effectiveness and side effects. As part of the Medication Management Program, a Client’s vital signs are taken, side effects evaluated, and medications reviewed during skilled-nursing visits. Boca Nursing Services also serves as a liaison between the Client, family and treating physicians. Prevention is the key to longevity.

Our experience has shown that many of our Clients have multiple physicians managing various aspects of their health care.  Subsequently, multiple physicians are prescribing medications.  We provide each physician involved in the client’s care with a complete summary of medications after the assessment and whenever there is a significant change.  This ensures all professionals involved in the care of the client are “on the same page” and fully aware of the variety of medications the Client is taking regardless of whether they are the prescribing physician or not.  

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